Saturday, April 25, 2009

Final 2 Weeks...

Dear Readers,

The final two week are coming by fast and I am pressuring out. I have two weeks to be confident and ready for the big day when we play at Ala Moana Center Stage. I am more pumped to play than nervous. Well, that will probably change as the performance comes closer and closer.

I hope we will kill it in all the songs. I hope Claire starts it up with a kickin' groove on Tighten Up! I also hope our harmony in Kouman Sa Ta Ye is spotless. I hope Spirits in the Material World will have a great upbeat tempo for the crowd to love. I hope Max makes everyone have a beautiful day when sings Beautiful Day. I hope I don't screw up in Sweet Darlin'. I believe that Melissa is going to make Iris great with the accompaniment of the orchestra.

Hopefully we will rock it and see you there at Center Stage!

Catch you Ala Moana,

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