Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recycling & Upcoming Events...

Hey viewers!

Today, we were so lucky that the school let us recycle their HI-5 recyclables to gain some money to support our funk band. We started to recycle at nine o'clock and we had many many cans and bottles to clean and sort. It was a very dirty job, but it was fun.

We were also lucky that Claire's girl scout leader was generous enough to donate her cans and bottles to the ULS Funk Band. Her husband used to collect cans and he used to sort all of the cans stacked up in their house - Claire said it was hard just to walk through their house. They had so many that we only took half of their bottles and that was plenty. Just that amount took 2 carloads to bring over to our recycling center. It was incredible how they organized the cans back into their original cases. We were grateful for all of the can donations today.

It looked like we had more cans and bottles recycled this week than the last time we recycled at our school. Hopefully that is true because we can use that money to buy more Funk Band t-shirts to distribute to our friends and family. Also, we might use this money to create a music video for one of our songs. That would be a fun project for our Funk Band to take on. Also, we can use this money to go on our dream band tour around the island or even to the neighbor islands to perform at public events.

Tomorrow, we have a funk band practice. It is going to be fun to brush up on old and new songs again. So this week-end is full of funk band events.

Coming up, we are having our 1st Funk on the Lawn of the year on Friday, April 17th. It is going to be fun to start playing in front our classmates again. I remember that last year's funk on the lawn was fun. So I am expecting it to be awesome. The only thing missing from last year was that we don't have our awesome saxophone player Gavin Vestal back from last year. Man, I miss his jokes and his great playing.

Also, if anyone wants to buy an official funk band t-shirt, you can come to Claire, Tem, Max, Melissa, Kule'a or myself or even Mr. Zorn to purchase it, or if you just have questions about the t-shirts. I hope you can purchase these t-shirts. What makes these t-shirts to special is that they are world-friendly. One style is made out of bamboo, so it is a renewable resource and therefore it is friendly to our Earth. Another style we have is organic cotton, which doesn't use any chemicals that will run off into streams. So both types of t-shirts are friendly to the Earth, cheap and very stylish. They are only 15 dollars. What a deal!

Well, I go to go, so I will catch you later!


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