Monday, May 11, 2009

Performance '09

This year's Ala Moana performance was a TRIP. I literally felt like I was onstage for a total of 5 minutes. All our preparation and stress was over in what felt like a matter of minutes.

I don't know about anyone else, but I was extremely nervous. Again, right as we were about to go onstage, I started getting the shakes and the sweats. Trust me on this one, it wasn't my best look. Anyway, we went onstage and everyone who loves us was out in the audience smiling and excited. That was what made me feel at least a tad bit better, and as soon as we started playing I felt like we were back in the band room, only with a lot of people watching us.

I know I didn't play everything perfectly, and even though that is what I was striving for I still feel that I did the best that I could and I am happy with it. I know it wasn't a perfect performance, but afterward everyone said they loved it, which made me feel good. I was part of something that made others happy and I did it through music. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

All in all, I would say this year's performance was a success in that we made others happy through our music. Not to mention we were able to come together as a band and as friends.



P.P.S. I still have t-shirts (a limited amount) if anyone is interested.

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