Friday, March 6, 2009

What the Funk Band Means to Me...

Hey guys...

I am just putting up another blog to say what's up and tell you my opinion about how great it is to be in the funk band. Actually, Mr. Zorn doesn't like to call it a class - rather, it is time for life and to express our feelings through music. This is the only class that I can jam and learn how to play different styles of music and also learn the theory of music. I get to play with friends who have the same passion for music as I have.

Students at UH Lab should take this option of joining our group because other high schools don't get the chance to have a course for just jamming to contemporary music. I really love this class and I know my other band mates love this band too.

I gotta go, so I'll talk to you later!

Your band mate,

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