Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Recent Show...

Hello all you funk band fans!

Recently, we did a performance for all of you at our Homecoming concert and, in case you missed it, we played some of our most recent songs like Beautiful Day, One World (Not Three) and Spirits in the Material World. But don't worry, we have more coming.

We are working on a popular local song (by Fiji) called Sweet Darling, which will be sung by Micah - it's a sweet, laid back song (with a light touch of funk). Also, we are working on an improvisational groove called Tighten Up, which allows all of us to stay groovy and tighten up on our instruments as well as hear Max, our lead singer, go crazy and improvise a little. Did I mention our killer dance moves that go with it?

Stay alert for more updates here and on our web site.

Take care,

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